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This website collects some personal information from its visitors.


Data Controller:


Name: Vittorio Chiappetta

Tax Code: CHPVTR78M29D086E

Address: Via Ettore Majorana 28 - 87036 Rende (CS)

Email: victoriaitalia22@gmail.com



Types of Information Processed:



Below is the list of information collected by this website, in addition to information automatically collected through third-party services: contact information, including company name and VAT number, first name and last name, tax code, address, email address, fax, website, and date of birth, telephone number or mobile phone for individuals, and information provided during registration and unique identifiers used by advertising services such as Google Ads.

The information collected may have been provided by the Visitor or acquired through third parties. This information will be used for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. The Visitor has the right to rectify, at any time, their personal information or to prevent, revoke, or object to their processing.



The information that is processed may be entered manually by the Visitor, collected automatically, or acquired through third parties.



Use of Cookies (which are not permanently stored on physical devices) is limited to providing safe and efficient browsing of the site and to identify the Visitor in order to provide the requested service on this site. Under no circumstances does the use of cookies aim to transmit personal information.

In order for the website to function correctly, it is required that the site visitor enters the requested personal information. If certain information is not entered, the functioning of the website may be compromised, and its performance altered, possibly even to the extent of being unable to use certain features for which entering information is necessary.

The site visitor indemnifies the website owner from any liability that may be claimed by third parties for the information that the visitor may have entered and published on the same website.



Management Methods of Information:



The processing of the provided information is carried out considering all the necessary measures to prevent sharing on the network, deletion, and unintentional modification of the information provided. The way we detect and store information is strictly related to the use of our website and its services and is carried out through computer and telematic tools.



Legal Basis:



This website may use the stored personal information exclusively for purposes related to the execution of the purposes requested by the visitor when:

  • The Data Controller may need to use them for their own purposes and in their own interest.
  • The Data Controller must comply with requests of public interest, also by authorities.
  • If the information is functional to comply with legal obligations or provided for by EU regulations.
  • It is necessary to fulfill contractual agreements for the provision of one or more services, even if customized.
  • The visitor has provided their consent to the processing of their information.


In case of doubts about the legal basis of the processing, it is possible to contact the Data Controller and the DPO for clarification.



Place of Information Processing:



The processing related to the web services of this website takes place at the company headquarters of the Data Controller and is carried out only by personnel in charge of processing. No information deriving from the web service is communicated or disseminated. The information provided by the Visitor who submits requests for sending informative material is used only to perform the service or performance requested and is communicated to third parties only if necessary for this purpose (art. 3 GDPR). The information provided is communicated to third parties only if necessary for this purpose (art. 3 GDPR) and may be transferred to another country. The website visitor retains all rights and can request to know the details regarding the tools used by the website owner to secure the information, and may also request details regarding the transfer of their personal information to countries outside the EU and/or to non-governmental organizations that are not subject to any specific legislation. The Visitor can request more information about the use of their information and its transfer by contacting directly the Data Controller and the DPO.



Information Retention Timeframe:



The duration of information retention is linked to the purpose of the ongoing processing. Information will not be processed for longer than is strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes for which this information was collected and processed.

The information collected by the Controller will be retained until the purposes for which they were collected are fulfilled. Information collected to fulfill a contractual commitment will be retained until the conclusion of such commitment.

The processing provided by consent may be retained until the revocation of such consent by the Visitor. At the end of the specified purposes, the information will be deleted, and all rights of access to the information, deletion, and portability cannot be exercised anymore.



Processing Purposes:



Visitor information is processed for the provision of services provided through this website. Some of the features include: the ability to comment, store and display statistics, access embedded third-party services within the site or via APIs, the ability to chat with an operator or other users, the ability to have direct contact with an operator or other users, payment management, contact requests, various types of information. Hosting and other features aimed at completing the purpose requested by the Visitor. Advertising, targeting, profiling, content testing, access to information through devices, anti-spam, use of third-party platforms for managing requests and assistance, registration and access, and information transfer. For more information on all purposes, the Visitor can directly contact the Data Controller.

Interaction with Social Networks and External Platforms, Heat mapping, and session recording, Interaction with live chat platforms.

For any request on the processing of information on victoriaitalia.it, write to victoriaitalia22@gmail.com. This website does not support "Do Not Track" requests. To know if any third-party services used support them, consult their privacy policies.



Subsequent Privacy Policy Updates:



The Data Controller may update this privacy policy contained on this page at any time. Visitors will be kept updated on changes made to this Privacy Policy by consulting this page which bears the same name and will remain public in order to be conveniently consulted. At any time and/or following a modification of this Privacy Policy, the Visitor may request the destruction and/or cessation of their personal information provided on this website. The Data Controller must always be able to provide evidence that the visitor's consent has been received and acquired.

Last update: February 22, 2024.

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